Services & Pricing

Creative Transaction Level 1:

Dive into innovative real estate strategies, including holds, assignments, and hybrid models, tailored to optimize deal structures based on unique property dynamics. Our expertise in Level 1 transactions ensures that every deal is both strategic and beneficial.

$700 for hold/assign of a subto/seller finance/hybrid

Creative Transaction Level 2 - Wrap & Novation

Harness advanced transaction techniques, like wraps and novations, to craft versatile and beneficial real estate agreements for all parties involved. We blend traditional practices with novel approaches to unlock the best outcomes.

Wrap $1000 Novation $1100

Creative Transactions Level 3 Morby Method:

Engage with the specialized Morby Method, a distinguished approach to real estate transactions designed for optimal efficiency and value. This method represents the pinnacle of transactional innovation, ensuring every client gets the best of both worlds.

$350 deal evaluation $2500 for TC work

Self Performing Closing:

For those who prefer taking control, we guide investors through the paperwork and state documentation, ensuring a successful and compliant self-closure. Experience autonomy without sacrificing the assurance of expert oversight.

$2000 additonal fees may apply for attorney

Lending Transaction - Gator:

Navigate the lending world with Gator, a unique lender specializing in earnest money and closing costs, ensuring swift and smooth financial transactions. Align your investments with lenders who understand your goals and timelines.


Lending Transaction - PML (Private Money Lender):

Explore lending opportunities with Private Money Lenders, ideal for significant amounts like fix and flips or property purchases, making funding your projects easier than ever. With PMLs, discover a financial partnership tailored for real estate success.



When time is of the essence, our rush services ensure swift closings, particularly crucial for properties on the brink of foreclosure. Let our expertise expedite the process without compromising on accuracy or compliance.

Any deal with less than 2 weeks to COE additional $200

Servicing Setup:

Facilitate payments with ease through our servicing setups, designed to manage payments from renters to mortgagees, ensuring smooth cash flows and hassle-free management. Enhance your cash flow dynamics and renter relations with our streamlined systems.


Post Closing:

Relax post-deal with our comprehensive services, handling essential tasks like HOA transfers and homeowner insurance setups, providing a seamless transition. We continue our support beyond the deal, ensuring everything aligns perfectly post-closure.

$1,500 Includes transfering the HOA, Insurance, Uploading POA and authorizations

Contract Consult:

Ensure clarity and compliance with our contract consultations, assisting investors in understanding transaction details, filling out contracts correctly, and utilizing the right documentation. With us, every contract becomes a clear roadmap to successful transactions.

$150, Rush Fee $20